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Sound Board

Track File Request Information  

1. The Star Sound Studio is entitled to credit for all recordings. 

2. DAW Session Templates are never provided as they are proprietary. 

3. All files will be consolidated and start and end at the same time. 

4. All files will be exported at 44.1 / 16 Bit unless specified. 

5. All files will be the original unmixed raw take. 

6. Only the active files in the most current session will be provided unless specified. 

Your track files are your property and we do our best to store & back up your files.


It is your responsibility to request your files before your recording session so that we have time to prepare and save them to your desired media type before you leave. 


We charge a small fee to prepare, upload and send your files.

Track File Request Form 


Preparation Fee is $25.00

Thanks for your order!

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