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* Recording Sessions are by

   appointment only 

* The Star Sound Studio is a private                business and is by Invite only 

* The Star Sound Studio is not obligated

   to refund for lateness or no shows 

* Your recording session starts at

   the time you booked

Cash Payment

Recording sessions cannot be booked on a Cash Promise.

We will be happy to Bank your cash during the week for future sessions or accept your cash 24 hours in advance of 

your planned recording session. 



The Star Sound Studio is a place of creativity & art.

Our mission is to create a safe space where community musicians & artists

can grow thru freedom of expression without financial burden or the threat of violence.

This is why we do not condone the use of illegal substances or firearms

on or around the premises.

Any employee of The Star Sound Studio reserves the right to ask you and your party

to leave if we feel you are under the influence of illegal substances

or carrying firearms or weapons. 

If a crime is committed on premises it is the sole responsibility

of the person who paid for the recording session. 

Please respect our building and neighbors. The building is shared with other businesses.

keep your music to a respectable volume when parking or sitting in your car. 

Security cameras are in use and streamed to a cloud server off premises. 

Digital Currency

The Star Sound Studio accepts

Cash App, Venmo, PayPal & Zelle. Current rates will apply and scheduling must be discussed before payment is sent. Message us to discuss appointment availability and we will send you a link for payment. 

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