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South Florida Artist 

Blou Note 




Music not only expresses a feeling or captures a moment, it can also convey the accomplishment of growth and overcoming. ‘Energy’, the new single by Singer Melinda ‘Blou Note’ speaks to the blooming of a withering flower watered by a resilient spirit. Rarely does an artist allow themselves to be the vessel that carries a true, beautiful message inspired by life’s serendipity that soothes the soul like ‘Blou Note’ does on ‘Energy’. With her faith challenged time and time again, and life placing obstacles in her path trying to block her blessings, Blou Note’s belief in a higher power was her rock in overcoming, and her talent, her instrument to share her story, with the world.


Now available on all platforms 


‘Energy’ is a song that will uplift you and revitalize you to feel optimistic knowing we all can relate in the same struggles, confirming our faith that a better day is always around the corner.

Produced by The Star Sound Music Group & Blou Note 



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