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Last minute booking makes magic ...

I frequently do a lot of Facebook Ads for The Star Sound Studio. I run them so that the Artists in the community know that we are here for them. I get let down often when I communicate with several people thru messenger that say they will book time and never do. It's not because of the money... It's because I sincerely want to help.

At the tail end of my last promotion, I got a message from someone who wanted to come in and true to there word did. Greg Cruz is an Artist from NJ. He used to live about 2 hours south of my home town in Long Island NY. Small talk about his daughter and tuner cars turned into a 2 1/2 hour recording session that started with my jaw to the desk as he rapped about street life and how he can't fail because he has a daughter to feed.

I'm always surprised by the talent that comes in and this time around was not any different.

Check out the latest track from Greg Jesus Cruz ... AKA Young Skulla - First Day Out and keep a look out for the next Artist Spotlight Series with him.

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